Twenty Twenty Collection Audio Labels



Alex Billingham, Good Riddance, Digital collage



Sally Butcher, Lockdown Hair,  Who Cares? (triptych) (Be Careful / Take Care / Self Care)



Cristina Celestini, The memories you left behind 2




Crow Dillon-Parkin, Stop Doing Stupid Things




Roo Dhissou, The Anthropology of the self




Sherrie Edgar, Isolation Series 11 & Isolation Series 34,



Matt Greenhill, Black Lives Matter (BLM) Rally, Birmingham




Helen Grundy:  Giving a Hand




Michele Harris, Sebastian’s Nest


Yasmin Agilah-Hood, Pardon the Miss



Neil McNaught, BLM demo, Coventry, 7 June 2020



Sophia Moffa, an unnecessary figure, 2020



Lucy Fiona Morrison, It’s Not Fair – I Always Bake Bread



Mark Murphy, The Shut Down



Paul Newman, Mr Clean


Laura Onions, More Than Mere Reading (Correspondence)


Lindsay Pritchard, Two Trolleys Apart




Adele Mary Reed, Instant Dreamscapes in Isolation




Ruth Spencer, Birds



Vincent Louis Stokes, A Family Under Lockdown