Naoibh McNamee, Caught me in its Spotlight (studio work in progress), 2022. Photo: the artist

Explorers Open studio event and performance

Following an open call to neurodivergent artists in the Midlands by Outside In, Birmingham-based artists Naoibh McNamee and Henry Jones have been undertaking residencies this summer as part of Explorers, a national programme of art and activism initiated by Project Art Works

Join the artists in the studio as they share residency work and talk candidly about their own autistic experience. Henry will open out his process-led approach to audiences as he continues work on a new flame retardant leather suit, while Naoibh will present their first public performance of Caught me in its Spotlight.

With this new work, Naoibh references joy within the autistic experience, most of which they receive from their special interest in music. Linking together the way music made them feel as a child with the freedom and safety they felt when first experiencing the gay club scene, Naoibh will dance on a go-go box in a new handmade costume, sharing music from their formative years and songs of importance to their queer, disabled identity.