Andrew Gillespie, Anti-Scrape, 2017.
Installation shot, The New Art Gallery Walsall. Photo: Jonathan Shaw
Contemporary Exhibitions

Andrew Gillespie

Andrew Gillespie’s work revolves around the application of print and the appropriation of forms and imagery lifted from popular culture.

For his solo exhibition at The New Art Gallery Walsall, he has created a new constellation of objects; an urban drift of materials and allusions to everyday experience.


Visitors are invited to move through an architectural landscape, looking at, in, down and through the work. Screen-printed, cast concrete fragments cling to utilitarian security fences, which act as chassis for remnants of another time and place. The ubiquitous image of Katsushika Hokusai’s early nineteenth century woodcut, The Great Wave Off Shore of Kanagawa, is reproduced, fragmented and transformed.


Elsewhere, objects recall a recent visit the artist made to New York. Memories of discarded clothes trodden, almost printed, into pavement appear here like fossils. Flattened and removed from the body’s form, they suggest medieval tombs, while reproduced mementos question how a trip is memorialized.