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Collection Exhibitions

Equal+Able=Not a Label

Exploring Ableism through The New Art Gallery Walsall Collections.

This is the third project in our embedding diversity series. These projects are co-produced with a Collections Community Panel.

It was first established in 2021 and has now grown to encompass a variety of lived experiences; different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, fluidity in gender and sexuality and diverse neurotypes and abilities.

In 2022, we explored LGBTQIA+ stories in Here & Queer and in 2023 we looked at the topics of class and identity, in Pride & Privilege.

For our 2024 project we have taken the concept of Ableism as our starting point for Equal+Able = Not a Label. What does Ableism mean to you?

  • Ableism is discrimination against those with disabilities.
  • We may have all been affected by ableism at some point, either directly or indirectly.
  • Perhaps when a person acts superior, assumes they know better and decides what’s best for others.
  • Ableism creates a world in which people will never feel good enough, causes shame and perpetuates stigma and prejudice.
  • Around 1:5 people in the UK have a disability, 1:4 experience poor mental health or live with a mental health condition, and 1:7 is neurodivergent.

Disability and Neurodiversity are a normal part of everyday life

2024 Collections Programme Launch

Saturday 8 June 2024, 12-4pm.

Free, drop in activities will take place between 12-4pm on Floors 1&2 including:

  • Badge Making (all afternoon)
  • Garman Ryan Trail tours of Here&Queer and Pride&Privilege (12-1.30)
  • Welcome and Refreshments (1.30-2)
  • Panel tour of the new temporary exhibition (2pm)
  • Touch and Audio Description tour (3pm)

Come and meet members of the Collections Community Panel, in an informal, relaxed environment.

For any specific access requests please contact Collections Curator, Julie, or Embedding Diversity Project Assistant, Kiran, on