Cult Fiction – Art and Comics

Cult Fiction explores the recipriocal relationship between comics and contemporary art. The language of comics has influenced many contemporary artists who adopt its conventions of pictoral narrative to communicate graphically with the viewer.


Attracted by the medium’s democratic format and its ability to reach and influence a wide public, many of the fine artists represented here publish their own comics or use a combination of word and image in forms that are reminiscent of popular cartoons. 


The comic strip has a unique ability to communicate difficult emotional themes and sensitive political issues in an accessible style. For the comics artists and graphic novelists in Cult Fiction, ‘real life issues’, often approached in biographical or autobiographical forms supplant traditional comic book tales of good and evil, and everyday characters become unlikely heroes.


Cult Fiction was originated by artist and curator, Kim L. Pace, and co-curated with Hayward Gallery Curator Emma mahoney.


Featured Artists: Laylah Ali, Glen Baxter, Stephane Blanquet, Daniel Clowes, Liz Craft, R Crumb,Adam Dant,Julie Doucet, Debbie Drechsler, Marcel Dzama, Melinda Gebbe, Kerstin Kartscher, Mark Kalesniko, Killoffer, Chad McCail, Paul McDevit, Kerry James Marshall, Travis Millard, Yoshitomo Nara, Kim L. Pace, Harvey pekar, Raymond Pettibon, Olivia Plender, Jon Pylypchuk, James Pyman, Joe Sacco, Chris Shepherd, David Shrigley, Posy Simmonds, Richard Slee, Carol Swain. 



Olivia Plender
Drawing for TheMasterpiece Issue 1, Strange Adventures 2001
© The artist 2007