Lucian Freud and Andrew Tift ‘Portrait of Kitty’ 1948-2006

Andrew Tift describes himself as a figurative realist painter who predominantly specialises in portraiture. His triptych ‘Kitty’ was the winner of the National Portrait Gallery BP Portrait Award 2006, gifted by The Art Fund, the UK’s leading independent art charity, to The New Art Gallery Walsall.


The model for the work was Kitty Godley, born in 1926, formerly the model and wife of artist Lucian Freud and model and daughter of Jacob Epstein. She is now portrayed, aged 80, by Andrew Tift in this fascinating series of works displayed along side work by Freud from the Garman Ryan Collection.


Andrew Tift, Kitty 2006 © Andrew Tift
Presented by the Art Fund 2006

Lucian Freud, Portrait of Kitty 1948-49
© Lucian Freud