Image Credits:Dryden Goodwin, Dilate, 2003

Dryden Goodwin
Draw In/Draw Out

This major solo exhibition highlights Dryden Goodwin’s preoccupations with urban and natural landscapes, and with human perception and interaction.

Encompassing large-scale video and sound installation, photography, drawing and film, it gives a first UK tsaging to a number of newly-completed works.


The centrepiece is Goodwin’s panoramic video and sound installation, Dilate (2003). Pulsing across a ‘wraparound’ membrane of eight encircling projection screens, Dilate expands and contracts our perceptual horizons to heighten our awareness of physical and psychological space. Faced with an open vista of a majestic natural landscape, we can feel liberated, isolated or paralysed; as part of the city, anonymous, identified or alienated; in the domesticity of our own homes, safe, confined or overwhelmed.