Fantasy Architecture 1500 – 2036

From designs for palaces by medeival masters to futuristic film sets, Fantasy Architecture focuses on imagined buildings structures and schemes.


Featuring the work of visionaries as diverse as Ingo Jones, Joseph paxton, John Soane, Edwin Luytens, Buckminster Fuller, Zaha Hadid and Foreign Office Architects, the exhibition includes a wealth of historical and contemporary drawings alongside models, collage, computer modelling and extracts from films.


While many of these ideas were intended to enthuse and convince clients about real architecture schemes, some were private fantasies, exploring how the world might have looked today had the tastes of our predecessors been different. the exhibition includes work by Robert Adam, Archigram, Sir Charles Barry, Etienne-Louis Boullee, Sir William Chambers, Fosters and Partners, Future Systems, Erno Goldfinger, Eric Mendelson, John Nash, Softroom, Palo Soleri and Tecton.  



Birds Portsmouth Architects
Morecambe Nightview 1991, Crayon and ink on film
© Birds Portsmouth Russum Architects