Eva Rothschild, An Array, 2016.
Eva Rothschild 'Alternative to Power' exhibition, The New Art Gallery Walsall, 2016. Photo: Robert Glowacki
Contemporary Exhibitions

Eva Rothschild
Alternative to Power

Eva Rothschild is one of the leading sculptors of her generation and has gained extensive international recognition for her work.

Her practice is informed by an ongoing interest in the meeting points between spirituality, power, visual perception and the nature of materiality.



She works across a range of media including steel, leather, resin, plastic and fabric and her work is often characterised by the use of unstable geometric forms. Alternative to Power is the artist’s first exhibition in the Midlands and includes a specially commissioned work involving leather, a material at the centre of Walsall’s manufacturing industry.


Rothschild has created a new body of work for The New Art Gallery Walsall that is characterised by the use of co-dependent forms: each piece is made up of multiple elements relying on one another for support. Taking on a range of formats, her columns, frames, arches and benches form a fragile union of physical components, in which our experience of them is determined contextually by the temporary groupings the works inhabit for the duration of the exhibition.


Eva Rothschild’s work continues in the Gallery’s front-facing Window Box with a large-scale dyed fabric banner, carrying the exhibition title.


Supported by The Henry Moore Foundation and Culture Ireland as part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme.
Watch the video: Artist Eva Rothschild discusses new exhibition Alternative to Power at The New Art Gallery Walsall.

The exhibition is on display until 15 January 2017.



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