Laura Lancaster, Montage XI, 2015,
oil on linen, 260 x 230cm. Courtesy of the artist and Workplace Gallery Gateshead/London. Photo: David Lawson.
Contemporary Exhibitions

Laura Lancaster

Laura Lancaster is a painter who draws inspiration from forgotten and discarded photographs and home movies, found in flea markets, charity shops and through ebay. Once precious and significant to someone, they are now detached from their original contexts and instead, they become animated through Laura’s luscious, gestural and expressive application of paint. These lost and dislocated souls, caught in the ambiguous space between figuration and abstraction, compel is to reflect on time, memory and loss.



This exhibition will bring together a range of works by the artist including a new series of diptychs which are drawn from the very first and last frames of found super 8mm home movies. With the inclusion of sprocket holes and marks on the film, the paintings are portraits of the medium of film as much as their subject matter. The juxtaposition of the first and last frames implies the passing of time through the lost narrative that bind these moments together.