Our Creatures


Our Creatures

26 April – 30 June 2012

Floor 3


To complement The Nature of the Beast, artist Mark Fairnington has curated an historic exhibition which focuses on portraits of animals. Images and objects are brought together that depict in particular the domestic and local relationships between people and animals and show how these could be pragmatic, eccentric, brutal and loving.  Artists represented include Thomas Bewick, Ford Madox Brown, Sir Jacob Epstein, Petra Feriancova, Edward Hart, Geoffrey Ireland and Charles “Sheep” Jones.


Mark Fairnington and The New Art Gallery Walsall would like to thank all the lenders to Our Creatures for their support.  They are Birmingham Museums Trust, Compton Verney, Horniman Museums and Gardens, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, Leeds Museums and Galleries (Leeds Art Gallery) and Manchester City Galleries.



The Nature of the Beast

Mat Collishaw, Mark Fairnington, Tessa Farmer, Polly Morgan, Olly & Suzi, Patricia Piccinini

26 April – 30 June 2013


This exhibition will bring together a diverse range of contemporary artists, who through their work, confront and challenge our attitudes towards the natural world, and in particular, the animal kingdom.  

Humankind has long been fascinated by animals, who in turn, have been subjected to research, collection, categorisation, documentation, display and experimentation.  Each of the artists within the exhibition creates works which involve an intensive scrutiny of animals and nature as well as a critical engagement with the ways in which we have attempted to understand and control the natural world.  


Both Tessa Farmer and Polly Morgan will be creating brand new works for the exhibition.


Friends, family & colleagues welcome.


In Conversation


Saturday 22 June, 2pm

Join Giovanni Aloi in conversation with Mark Fairnington, Tessa Farmer and Polly Morgan.


Book your free place in advance by calling 01922 654400 or at the reception desk in the gallery foyer







Main image credit:  R Madison Mitchell, Floating Swan, 1955, cork, wood and lead, courtesy of Compton Verney.



QR codes

QR codes (quick response codes) are used within the exhibition Our Creatures to direct visitors to additional information about the objects and their histories. The websites have been selected by curator Mark Fairnington.


Please see below for the web addresses these QR codes are linked to:


Edward Hart

Great Bustard, Otis tarda

Taxidermy case of adult female Great Bustard in winter plumage mounted by Edward Hart. Specimen shot by Mr W. Hibberd at Hanley, Dorset, 10th January 1880.


To view more of Hart’s dioramas, follow this link:



Thomas Bewick

Tale-pieces, 2007

wood engravings on paper


To view to further pieces by Bewick, follow this link:



Petra Ferinacova

Creator, 2008

Two framed photographs


To view to more work from this series, follow this link:



 Ford Madox Brown

Studies of a Dog (bull terrier pup), 1855

pencil on paper


To view to view the painting Work (1852-65) in the collection of Manchester City Galleries, follow this link:




Time Lapse films


Tessa Farmer

The Perilous Pursuit of a Python, 2013

crabs, bones, insects, taxidermied python, wormshells, arachnids, wasp nest, snakeskin, porcupine and hedgehog spines, coral, sponge, Portuguese man o’war polyps, plant roots


Commissioned by The New Art Gallery Walsall


To view the time lapse film recording the installation of this work, follow this link:  This film is currently being edited and will be available to view soon



Installation of The Nature of the Beast and Our Creatures, April 2013

The installation of the exhibitions The Nature of the Beast and Our Creatures has been captured in a time lapse film. Follow this link to view the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nonk2-KWkkQ