The Hecklers

Caroline Achaintre, Edwin Burdis, Slawomir Czajkowski (Zbiok), Shaun Doyle and Mally Mallinson, Ruth Ewan, Andrew Gilbert, Joel Gray, Tod Hanson, Geoffrey Ireland, kennardphillipps, Cedar Lewisohn (curator), Kieron Livingstone and Ian Allison, Alexis Milne, Laura Oldfield Ford, Max Reeves, Clunie Reid, John Russell, Francis Thorburn, Vicky Wright.


A heckler is someone who tries to unsettle others with questions, challenges or jibes.  This exhibition brings together a range of artists who comment on social and political issues, often with a degree of playfulness.  Woven through the exhibition is also an exploration of ideas around “primitivism” and the re-working of modernist ideologies in the present day. 


The exhibition includes photography, video, painting, sculpture, printmaking, performance and installation. A range of beer mats designed by artists Sarah Baker, M-CITY, Bob and Roberta Smith and Gavin Turk are presented offsite at The Black Country Arms in Walsall.


A zine-style publication accompanies the exhibition and is available in the Gallery Shop.





Main image credit:  Max Reeves, Hackney 2011. Courtesy of the artist.





The Hecklers: Artist interviews (interpretation film)

Filmed and edited by Bruno Edwards



The Hecklers: Timelapse installation film – The New Art Gallery Walsall