Image credit: Fleminf Parrot, Yoshihiro Suda, 2002, painted magnolia wood

Passionate Collectors
Public and Private

Collections are what museums are all about. They are the foundtions  upon which education and access are built and developed. They are intricate creations brought about through the passions and beliefs of dedicated individuals who can be both private collectors and public employees.


The private collections from ‘The Peoples Shows’ Walsall, Sculptor Jacob Epstein’s Collection in the Garman Ryan Collection and the Contemporary Art Society’s Special Collection Scheme reveal many surprising similarities and links. A number of contemporary art works make interventions into the Garman Ryan Collection casting new light on the thematic displays. 


Jordan Baseman, Monica Bonvicini, Patty Carroll, May Cornet, Martin Creed, Dorothy Cross, Layla Curtis, Robert Dawson, Ming de Nasty, Rita Donagh, Richard Forster, John Fullwood, Anya Gallaccio, Mona Hatoum, Geoffery Ireland, Rob Kesseler, Jochen Klein, Hew Locke, Christian Marclay, Hannah Maybank, Paul McCarthy, Heather and Ivan Morrison, Cornelia parker, Paula Rego, Jane simpson, Yoshihiro Suda, Gavin Turk, Julian Walker, Mo Wilson.