Image Credits: Richard Long, Untitled, 2005

                      Courtesy Haunch of Venison, London 2006

You’ll Never Know
Drawing and Random Interference

Chance and random interference are essential elements of the creative process for the artists in You’ll Never Know, who use a bewildering variety of techniques to produce images and drawings.

Like gamblers, they welcome the unpredictable, whether deploying drawing machines or primitive methods of mark-making incorporating accidental drips and splashes of ink, paint or mud. Curated by Jeni Walwin and artists Henry Krokatsis, the exhibition features work by thirty-three contemporary artists working with a diverse range of media, including fire, wind, dust, food and explosives.


Artists in the exhibition: Anna Barriball, Anne Bean, Ian Breakwell, William Burroughs, Paul Cassidy, Stephen Cripps, Layla Curtis, Ian Davenport, Tracey Emin, David Farnham, Jem Finer, Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Rebecca Horn, Mona Hatoum, Claude Heath, Tim Knowles, Tania Kovats, Henry Krokatsis, Richard Long, Alice Maher, Cornelia Parker, Steven Pippin, Damien Roach, Ed Ruscha, Kier Smith, Keith Tyson, Mark Wallinger, Klaus Weber, John Wood and Paul Harrison.