A street can be where we live, where we work or where we shop.  It can be a focus for bustling activity and a celebration of diversity.  It can also be a site for conflict, anxiety, loneliness, alienation and economic gloom. 


This exhibition brings together artists who explore the darker side of the urban environment as well as those who celebrate its potency as a glimpse of modern life.  Many of the works have been acquired for the region’s collections with the support of Art Fund International.  Artists include Mohamed Bourouissa, Nathan Coley, Barry McGee, Miao Xiaochun, Nicolas Provost, Dayanita Singh, Gavin Turk and Zhang Enli.



Image credit:  Barry McGee, Untitled, 2011, mixed media, 213 element. Image (c) the artist, courtesy of  Modern Art, London. Jointly acquired by The New Art Gallery Walsall and Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Presented by the Art Fund under Art Fund International 2010.