There is a Place…….

Artists include:  Christiane Baumgartner, Graham Chorlton, Laura Oldfield Ford, George Shaw, Barry Thompson, Paul Winstanley


There is a Place…brings together a group of artists who explore our psychic connectivity to landscape.  The drawings, paintings and prints within the exhibition reveal ‘a sense of place’ as seemingly generic urban and suburban views evoke personal and collective memories.  The reverie of teenage hideouts, suburban housing estates and motorway junctions, each depicted in painstaking detail, are at once familiar yet unnerving for all.
The artists in this exhibition capture the most overlooked and peripheral spaces of our towns and cities, those unremarkable and unclaimed spaces that we each make our own.



Image credit:  Laura Oldfield Ford, Leytonstone, (from tthe series Violence Solves Problems), 2011. © the artist,  Courtesy Hales Gallery, London.