Yasmin David, Into the Light, installation view, 2021, The New Art Gallery Walsall.
Photograph: Mark Hinton
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Yasmin David
Into the Light

The New Art Gallery presents the first solo exhibition by landscape painter Yasmin David (1939-2009). David was the niece of Kathleen Garman, who donated Walsall’s prestigious Garman Ryan Collection in the 1970s.


Yasmin’s mother was Kathleen’s youngest sister, Lorna. Her brother, Michael Wishart, was also an acclaimed painter, whose work features in their aunt’s collection.  Despite these connections, Yasmin lived happily with her family in rural Devon, and never publicly exhibited her extensive body of work during her lifetime.


Over the last ten years her daughter, filmmaker Clio David, has unearthed hundreds of hidden work around the family’s farm, and in Summer 2021 a selection will be exhibited in Walsall, alongside her wider family’s collection, for the first time.


Yasmin’s work explores the beauty and light of the South Devon landscape near Dartmoor. One of few women working in landscape painting during the post-war period, David produced paintings which are both intimate and dramatic, emotional and turbulent, and captures the molten qualities of sky and land.

Clio David talks about the Yasmin David: Into the Light exhibition – video with subtitles


Yasmin David: Into the Light exhibition, film by Clio David