Chris Clinton, Dead Media

Chris Clinton uses familiar objects and reclaimed materials to create artworks that refer obliquely to contemporary popular culture and our disregard for out-dated media. This exhibition will bring together the artist’s full series of paper-coil dartboards for the first time, alongside a new sculpture spectacularly realised using multiple reels of VHS magnetic tape.  


Sourcing his rare, novelty dartboards from internet auction sites, Clinton painstakingly unwraps the coiled paper before reforming the dartboard to reveal colourful concentric circles and geometric patterns. The references to Hollywood films, comic books, cartoons or consumer brands visible in the original dartboard image are completely destroyed in the re-wrapping process, reminding us of the fleeting lifespan of novelty items. 


Chris Clinton lives and works in Birmingham.






Image credit:  Chris Clinton, Spiderman, 2013. Paper Coil (Dartboard).