Richard Long, Spring Circle, 1992

For more than forty years, Richard Long’s art practice has been rooted in nature and defined by walking as a creative act. His solitary walks have taken him through remote areas of Britain and as far afield as Nepal, Africa, Mexico, Bolivia and the Antarctica. Long’s journeys and actions are documented with photographs, maps or text works and often involve the arrangement of natural materials in the landscape. The materials used, such as stones, pebbles and driftwood, are sometimes gathered in situ and assembled by Long into circles, lines, spirals and eclipses.


Spring Circle marks a walk through north Cornwall with a circle of slate on the floor. The slate has been cut to preserve its natural form and is presented with the smooth side up, allowing natural sunlight in the gallery to dance upon the surface of the material. This floor piece is displayed alongside a selection of ephemera and artist books including WALKING AND SLEEPING (1989), a work never before exhibited in a public gallery.

Richard Long is represented in major private and public collections worldwide. He won the Turner Prize in 1989.


Spring Circle compliments ‘Richard Long: PRINTS 1970-2013’, a comprehensive survey of prints by the artist on display on Floor 3 until 22 June 2014.

NO FOOTPRINTS (2013), a special signed and numbered limited edition print by Richard Long is available at £295 (price includes free catalogue worth £25). Buy when you visit the exhibition, order via info@thenewartgallerywalsall.org.uk or call 01922 654400. Charges for postage and packaging apply.


BRITISH COUNCIL COLLECTION © Richard Long. All Rights Reserved, DACS 2014.


Image credit:  Richard Long, Spring Circle, 1992 (c) Richard Long, All Rights Reserved, DACS 2014