St Ives Artists from The Clive Beardsmore Gift

St Ives Artists

from The Clive Beardsmore Gift

2 May – 23 August 2015

This in-focus exhibition from The Clive Beardsmore Collection looks at a body of work by artists associated with the Cornish harbour town of St Ives, which during and after the Second World War was home to a wide range of leading abstract artists, who sought quiet refuge from the atrocities which had been happening across Europe and gained inspiration away from the hectic pace of London. 

Floor 2

Garman Ryan Temporary Exhibition Space



Although many of the Modern British Artists rejected total abstraction following the war, and returned to more figurative work, the St Ives Artists embraced the abstract values of Modernism, and applied it to an appreciation of the landscape of Cornwall. St Ives to this day continues to have a unique appeal for artists attracted by the quality of light and the dramatic coastline.


Among the artists represented in The Clive Beardsmore Collection are Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Sandra Blow, Patrick Heron, Terry Frost, Peter Lanyon and Tony O’Malley.


Curator’s Tour

Saturday 11 July, 2pm


Curator’s Tour of The Clive Beardsmore Interventions and St Ives Artists’ exhibition


Free, everyone welcome.




Image credit:  Terry Frost, Red, Blue, Orange on Yellow (K51), 1969, lithograph, copyright the estate of the artist