West Midlands Open exhibition, 2022, installation view. Photo: Mark Hinton
Contemporary Exhibitions

West Midlands Open

The West Midlands Open exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate the quality and diversity of the visual arts in the region and will take place at The New Art Gallery Walsall, in our spacious Floor 3 galleries from 20 May – 25 September 2022.


The ambition of the Open is to exhibit artists from across the West Midlands, to showcase the talent from the region and to provide selling opportunities for artists. We are keen to present a diverse range of artworks that are representative of and relevant to our broad communities and audiences.

See the works selected for the West Midlands Open exhibition here.

All works are for sale. Explore the Sales Catalogue here.


West Midlands Open Closing Event

Thursday 22 September, 6-8pm. Free, all welcome.

Join us at this closing event for the West Midlands Open exhibition on the evening of Thursday 22 September, in the company of exhibiting artists and Gallery Director Stephen Snoddy. Speeches will take place at 7pm in which the recipient of the Gallery residency will be announced, as well as the artwork voted by the public as the ‘People’s Choice’.


List of Artists

Adam Wynn

Addy A Adam

Alex Billingham

Alice Walter

Aliya Perager

Amelia Hawk

Andreea Pislaru (Round Lemon)

Andrew Blake Bradley

Andrew Howe

Andrew John Smith

Andrew Kirkland-Perks

Andrew Woodhead

Angela Dooley

Angela Maloney

Anisa Nazz

Anita Zychniewicz

Anne Guest

Annette Pugh

Anthony Hall

Atlanta Ellis

Azeem Akhtar

Beer Baby

Benjamin Crawford

Bethan Jayne

Bethany Dartnell

Black Hole Club

Bobbie Whittaker

Boyana Aleksova & Tony McClure

Branko Marinkovic

Brian Shillitoe

Caitriona Dunnett

Carolyn Blake

Catherine Wynne-Paton

Celia Johnson

Celine Llewellyn-Jones

Ceridwen Raynor

Charlie Hurcombe

Chloe Pitt

Chris Davies

Chris Reynolds

Christian Emanuel

Christine Gordan

Claire Buckerfield

Clarissa Harris

Clive Sayer

Courtenay Welcome

Cristina Celestini

Crow Dillon-Parkin

Dan Booth

Daniella Turbin

David Walton

David McGuire

David Stokes

Daya Bhatti

Drew Kirkland


Ed Isaacs

Edward Jeavons

Egle Gelaziute-Petrauskiene

Eiko Matsuura

Elena Thomas

Ellie Lilly  (RaspberryZoo Photography)

Emma Bowater (Full Circle)

Emma Plover

Eric Gaskell

Fae Kilburn

Faye Claridge with women from HMP Send

Fiona Cullinan

Gabrielle Roberts-Dalton

Gemma Moore

George Stokes

Gillian Holtom

Gillian Tandy

Grace Clifford

Graham Chorlton

Hannah Broadhead

Hannah Mary Taylor

Hannah Parkes

Hannah Quill

Hannah Rollason

Hazel E Hutchison

Helen Cass

Helen Garbett

Helen Grundy

Ian Andrews

Imogen Morris

indie illo – Fleur Ward

Isabelle Homer

Jack Foster

James Byrne

James Milichamp (Full Circle)

James Stacey

James Turner

Jane Spence

Janette Summerfield

Jaskirt Boora

Jennifer Wallace

Jenny Suffield

Jodie Wingham

John Davenport

John Devane

Julie Sommerville

Kate Hall

Kathryn Sawbridge

Keisha Tulloch

Kevin Line


Kurt Hickson

Leah Hickey

Leanne Taylor

Lewis Graham

Lilli Whitham

Lily Victoria Purslow

Linda Nevill

Lindsay Pritchard

Lisa Davies

Lois  Hopwood

Lois Wallace

Lorsen Camps

Lou Blakeway

Lu Wenjuan

Mac McCoig

Maggie Leaver

Manjeet Singh Gill

Marcus Keating

Maria Wigley

Mark Houghton

Mark Murphy

Marwa Sayed

Matt Greenhill

Maxwell Nichols

Melanie Woodhead

Meta Mezan

Michelle Foley

Mikeala Dowling

Natalie Brooks

Nathan McGill

Nick James

Niki Gandy

Nita Newman

Oliver Jones

Olivia Cormell

Olivier Jamin

Paul Crook

Paul Newman

Philip Singleton

Rachel Doughty

Rachel Magdeburg

Rafal Zar

Ralouka Montesi

Richard Scott

Rob Leckey

Robert Page

Ross McCormick

Ruth Radcliffe

Ruth Spencer

Saleem Ayub

Sally Bailey

Sally Payen

Sam Hale

Sanah Iqbal

Sangita Kumari

Sarah Bagshaw

Sarah Byrne

Sarah Fortes Mayer

Sarah Goudie

Saranjit Birdi

Sharon Baker

Sharon Ryal

Shaun Hughes

Shaun Morris

Sherie Sitauze

Sherrie Edgar

Shirley Szwarc

Sophia Moffa

Sophie Huckfield

Stella Carr

Stephanie Rushton & Mally Mallinson

Steve Coel

Steve Evans

Stuart Brambell

Susan Krejzl

Tess Radcliffe

Theresa Bradbury

Tom Ranahan

Vicky Hodgson

Vicky Roden

Vicky Wyton-Mills

Vincent Louis Stokes

Vivien Hew

Artists have now been contacted if they have had work selected for the exhibition.

Due to the number of entries and staff capacity, it is not possible for the Gallery to contact the artists who have not had work selected for the exhibition.