Children’s Online Workshops

Join in online from home with our children’s workshops, devised by our talented artist educators. Suitable for all ages, though preschool children will require assistance from an older child or adult. There will be a new workshop every Wednesday #WednesdayWorkshop

Our online workshops are being used as part of the new digitally available ‘Discover from Home’ Arts Award course. See the Arts Award page for more details about enrolling in this free course (first 50 participants free).



Share photos of your creations with us by tagging us in on social media, or by sending photos directly to us through messenger or via email at  We can’t wait to see what you create!


Rockin’ Robot

Create a robot automaton inspired by Jacob Epstein’s ‘Study for Rock Drill’, 1915, part of the Garman Ryan Collection.

Film duration 6 minutes and 50 seconds













Textured Silhouette

Make a textured silhouette portrait, inspired by the large mixed media work ‘Jungle Queen II’, by artist Hew Locke, part of the Gallery’s permanent collection. Currently on display as part of Floor 3 exhibition 20:20 – Twenty Years of Collecting Contemporary Art.

Film duration 3 minutes and 30 seconds












Cabbage Magic!

Experiment making natural ink colours using a red cabbage. Inspired by techniques used by artist Hannah Maybank, as well as by the pink and purple tones in her work ‘Hosts II’, part of the Gallery’s permanent collection, and currently on display in exhibition ’20 for 2020′.












Paper Bag Plinth People

Turn your home into your very own art gallery with these easy to make, cute ‘Paper Bag Plinth People’!

Make a portrait of someone you know, a character from your favourite show or search the Gallery’s collection on our website for inspiration – then make a plinth for it to stand on with its own descriptive label. You could even have a party to show off your creations, just like a Gallery preview!

Film duration 3 minutes 55 seconds.









Impressive Vessels

Make and decorate your own vessel using recycling and decoupage. Inspired by Chinese Glazed Pottery Amphora, from the Tang Dynasty (early 8th century) part of the Garman Ryan Collection.

Film duration 3 minutes and 30 seconds












Stencil That! Create an artwork by making and using your own stencils. Inspired by linocut ‘Blue Flower Pot’ by Trevor Allen, part of the Gallery’s permanent collection.

Film duration 5 minutes and 25 seconds













Cloud Nine

Observe the sky and create a cloud diary. Inspired by artist Jon Constable and his oil painting ‘Landscape with Clouds’, 1820-22, which is part of the Garman Ryan Collection.

Film duration 4 minutes and 45 seconds












Treasure Tortoise

Make a place for your treasures using an egg box disguised as a friendly tortoise. Inspired by a bronze tortoise artefact in the Garman Ryan Collection.

Film duration 3 minutes and 45 seconds












Mini Gallery

Create and curate your own mini gallery space, inspired by The New Art Gallery Walsall, designed by Caruso St John architects. See the accompanying PDF documents for the plinth template and artist-educator Kate Tilley’s selection of artworks from the Garman Ryan Collection or you could create your own unique pieces to display!

Film duration 4 minutes.










Collagraph Birds

Make a collagraph print using different textures from materials found to hand at home. Inspired by Georges Braque’s coloured lithograph ‘Birds in Flight’ 1953-55, part of the Garman Ryan Collection.

Film duration 3 minutes and 40 seconds













Salt Dough Sculptures

Make your own version of one of Jacob Epstein’s iconic busts, inspired by the sculpture ‘First Portrait of Esther with Long Hair’, 1944. Why not make a self portrait, or a portrait of one of your friends or family members too!

Film duration 3 minutes, 50 seconds.












Twigs and Twine

Learn to plait and make a twiggy hanging artwork inspired by ‘Umbilical’, 2016, a popular artwork by Michele Harris that is in our collection and exhibited as part of ‘20:20’ celebrating our twentieth year.

Film duration 4 minutes.












Outside Inside

Make a 3D theatre scene inside a tissue box! Inspired by Pierre Bonnard’s painting ‘La Seine à Vernon‘, 1919, part of the Garman Ryan Collection.

Film duration 4 minutes and 10 seconds












Arty Alien

Create your own Martian mate, using crafty bits and bobs to hand at home. Inspired by the sculpture ‘Alien‘, 1998, by artist Yinka Shonibare CBE. The work is part of the permanent collection, purchased through the Contemporary Art Society Special Collections Scheme, with lottery funding from Arts Council England, 1999. The work is included in exhibition ’20:20, Twenty Years of Collection Contemporary Art’, as part of the Gallery’s  20th Birthday celebrations.

Film duration 3 minutes and 55 seconds









Scrap Sculpture

Create a sculpture from recyclable materials. Inspired by the artwork ‘Theodore Garman: The sculpture of his son that Jacob Epstein never made’, 2009, Bob and Roberta Smith, for which the artist sourced spare materials from the Gallery and surrounding area.

Film duration 2 minutes and 10 seconds











Paper Butterflies

Create your own origami paper butterflies from different types of paper that you have to hand at home. Inspired by the artwork ‘Moths on a Blue Path’, 1963 by artist Michael Wishart, an artwork in our Garman Ryan Collection.

Film duration 3 minutes and 45 seconds











Frisky Fun!

Make a cardboard tube animal inspired by Jacob Epstein’s pet dog Frisky. We’ve provided a template of Frisky for you to print and colour, or, you can draw your own. See the ‘Gallery’ section on this page. Why not create different versions of Frisky, or some four legged friends!

Film duration 3 minutes and 45 seconds












Create paper flowers to place in a vase. Inspired by the work of Birmingham based artist Nilupa Yasmin, whose new series of work ‘Phuldhani’ is on display as part of exhibition Too Rich a Soil and by works from our collection, Dod Proctor’s Spring Flowers and Theodore Garman’s Arum Lillies (Easter Flowers)  

Film duration 4 minutes









Crowning Glory

Create a paper crown, cleverly constructed from interlocking triangles, to celebrate our 20th anniversary year. The New Art Gallery Walsall was opened by Queen Elizabeth II on the 5th May 2000.

Film duration 5 minutes











Slinky Inky 

Have a go at making your own marbled paper using a similar technique to that of ‘Ebru’ or ‘Turkish Marbling’.

Film duration 3 minutes












Clay Creations

Try your hand at making your own sculpture of Frisky the dog using clay or another modelling material. Frisky was artist Jacob Epstein’s beloved pet dog, and the sculpture of Frisky is one of the most popular works with our visitors, in the Garman Ryan Collection.

Film duration 3 minutes and 20 seconds










Criss Cross Creations

Have a go at weaving with strips of paper to create a unique colourful woven pattern to integrate into an image or photo. Inspired by the patterns and ideas in artist Soheila Sokhanvari’s painting ‘The Guests’, part of our permanent collection and included in the exhibition ‘20 for 2020‘, The Community Gallery.

Film duration 3 minutes and 30 seconds









Curious Creations – Matchbox Art Gallery

Create your own mini art gallery from a match box and an art work to place inside it. Create one or many! You an search our Collections HERE to find art works to print out or copy, or you might want to make one of your own artworks.

Film duration 2 minutes and 45 seconds










Pattern Organic

Create a 3D sculpture to suspend, using a cardboard spiral. This workshop is inspired by the 3D relief petals found in artist Nilupa Yasmin’s photographic works, as well as by nature. Nilupa’s work is included in exhibitions ‘Too Rich a Soil‘ and ‘20 for 2020‘. Two works from the artist’s ‘Phuldhani’ series have been purchased for the permanent collection.

Film duration 3 minutes and 40 seconds









Rip Roaring Portraits

Create a portrait using collaged paper, inspired by the photographic portraits in exhibition Too Rich a Soil.

Film duration 2 minutes 45 seconds
















Badge of Honour, a Saturday Playdate online workshop.

Create a colourful rosette in celebrations of an occasion. Make one or make many! Suitable for all ages, though preschool children will require support from an older child or an adult.

Film duration 3 minutes