Discover Arts Awards For Schools

The New Art Gallery are pleased to offer Discover Arts Awards online accessible for schools. The cost is £4 per pupil for the official certificate from Trinity College London.


Work with your pupils to deliver Discover at School Arts Award, pupils will investigate different art forms and learn about an artist. Taking part in a practical workshop allows them to use their new knowledge and share their work with the rest of the group, contributing towards their Arts Award Discover at School.


Part A: Discover


Part B: Find out

  • find out about artists and their work.
  • How will you find out about their work?


Part C: Share

  • Ask each pupil to stand and share their work  from the practical workshop within their group, talking about materials used and the method they used
  • This can be recorded in text form by another member of staff who witness the children sharing what they have learnt and what they have enjoyed


A great workshop to support your GCSE take-up and the Primary to Secondary transition or an addition to your post SAT’s programme.


-Recommended for class groups

-Must be booked in advance

-Prices apply. Cost includes moderation & official certificate from Trinity College London £4 per pupil

-Official Arts Award certificates will be posted to you at a later date


For more information or to enrol your pupils please


School Booking form (Download)